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Fall is arguably the coziest time of the year. With all of the warm colors and crisp air you can’t help but want to curl up with a yummy scented candle and a cozy blanket. Decorating for fall can be a great way to bring the warmth of the season into your home, but it can get really pricey if your not careful. This post contains lots of ways you can get cozy fall bedroom decor on a budget.

I make sure to re-use stuff every year, instead of buying all new decor. Adding a few new pieces each year to change things up without replacing everything is a great way to refresh your fall decor without breaking the bank.

Some of my favorite places to find unique pieces at great prices are Home Goods, Target, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and Goodwill. You’d be surprised by the amazing pieces you can find at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost, lots of people buy entirely new decor each year, and get rid of their old stuff.

When decorating for seasons i like to bring the vibe of the season into my home without going overboard. The best way to do this is to find pieces that fit well with your regular decor. Adding pops of seasonal color, and small items that blend seamlessly with your everyday items is a great way to bring in the season without making it feel forced.

Key Places to Decorate For the Season

Around the TV or Focal Point of the Room

Fall decor. Fall bedroom decor. Pumpkin spice, fall leaves, fall candles.

Adding simple decor around the focal point of the room, whatever it is, is a great way to bring in the season. Placing decor around the main visual point ensures that the decor gives off the impression you want.

Pumpkin spice, fall leaves, ceramic pumpkins. Cozy fall decor.

This decor brings in a pop of color while also using pieces that fit in with the decor already around the room.

My ceramic pumpkins are from the dollar tree and i’ve had them for a few years, for $1 each, they’ve held up well.

The floral picks are from Hobby Lobby and were only a couple dollars a piece, plus 40% off because of their fall sale. The glass vase is also from Dollar Tree.

The Pumpkin Spice sign is Rae Dunn and cost $12.99 at Home Goods, a new addition this year.

Fall candles and fall pumpkins. Cozy fall decor.

These pumpkins are again from the dollar tree and have held up for a few years. These $1 options are great if you have kiddos or fur babies who mess with you perfectly-place decor.

The candle is “Leaves” from Bath & Body Works. Adding pieces that are aesthetically pleasing but also serve a purpose is a great way to get the most band for your buck.

The Tops of High Surfaces (Dresser, shelves, etc.)

Fall decor inspiration. Cozy fall floral. Fall candes.
Fall floral. Fall decor. Cozy fall decor. Give thanks. fall candles.

Decorating the tops of high surfaces tends to create a sort of aura around the room for whatever theme you’re going for. Adding your pops of color here is a great way to bring the season inside.

My “Give Thanks” sing came from Hobby Lobby and was 40% off, along with the floral picks, pine cones, and velvet pumpkins in the vase.

The glass vase itself came from goodwill for $1.99!

The floral picks, pine cones, and velvet mini pumpkins in the jar all came from Hobby Lobby and were 40% off.

The mason jar came from Goodwill for $1.99, and the glass vase came from Dollar Tree.

The galvanized metal bin came from Hobby Lobby along with the floral & pumpkin picks. I stuck green floral foam in the bottom and simply arranged the picks. (I may replace the metal bin for one that you can’t see the foam in).

This little pumpkin guy came from Hobby Lobby as well, and was only $6 with the sale price. This piece is super unique and matches great with the decor already in my room.

And yes, that lovely photo is my mom in college (the one in white), it’s my fav.

The Bed or Sitting Area

Unfortunately i haven’t been able to find anything that i love for my bed yet. However, adding throw blankets and pillows is a great way to add to the cozy fall vibe. I tend to add an extra blanket when the weather gets colder anyways, and i love adding in a seasonal one. Again, adding in pieces that are functional, yet decorative is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

I link some great blankets & pillows, as well as other budget decor pieces here.


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