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Deciding what to pick up and what to leave behind at the thrift store is often a difficult decision. The thought of leaving something behind that can make you money is painful, while the thought of buying something that’s going to sit forever is almost just as painful. My number one tip to combat sourcing struggles is to do your research and stay on top of what is selling rather than what people are buying. The best way to do this? What sold’s! Whether it be blog posts or youtube videos, seeing what’s actually selling in the community is wildly beneficial. Here’s whats selling on Poshmark right now.

I’ve had a great couple weeks of sales, too much for me to put all in one post (which is awesome), so i’m going to showcase a few items that i feel give a well rounded idea of what’s actually selling for me right now. At the end of the day, what works for me may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for someone else. Looking up comps for the things that are available in your area, combined with picking up things that are selling for you is the best way to maximize sales and profit. Keep in mind that what’s selling on Poshmark right now for me, might not be selling for you.

Everlane Jeans.

Item: Everlane raw hem hi rise cropped jeans.

Everlane is a super sought after brand right now, their focus is on high quality, ethically made clothing. This brand has a relatively high average sale price, and sells pretty quickly for me. If you see Everlane, pick it up!

Sold: $60

Paid: $11 (yes i paid up)

Time to sell: 2 days

Profit after fees: $37

Boyfriend Jeans.

Item: Brandy Melville distressed boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans have been a trend for a while. As we approach the fall and winter seasons denim is gonna be selling like hot cakes. Brandy Melville is usually a quick sale, however it doesn’t retail for a ton so the resale value isn’t very high. If you can get it for cheap, definitely pick it up.

Sold: $28

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 3 weeks

Profit after fees: $20

Free People Sweaters

Item: Free People oversized mock neck sweater

Free people tends to be hit or miss, it retails for a lot but the market can be saturated. Focus on finding trendy pieces, in good condition. Free people sweaters are usually a pretty good option, and i almost always pick them up.

Sold: $50

Paid: $7

Time to sell: 4 days

Profit after fees: $33

Aritzia Brands

Item: Wilfred Aritzia Blazer.

Wilfred Free and other Aritzia brands tend to sell well for me. They retail for a lot and are often very on trend and tend to attract a crowd willing to spend more money, something to think about with the growth of online resale.

Sold: $72

Paid: $12

Time to sell: 7 days

Profit after fees: $45


Item: Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf.

Lululemon used to be a gold mine, however market saturation has kicked in and it doesn’t sell as quickly or for as much anymore. Lululemon can still be a great seller, the key is knowing what to pick up. Vinyasa scarfs are one of the highly sought after styles from Lululemon and are usually a quick flip, although i wouldn’t pay up. Basic tanks (the cool racerback and t-back tanks) in solid colors and large sizes are a quick flip as well. New styles of leggings are great finds also. Do you research on specific styles to see if they’re worth it for you.

Sold: $22

Paid: $3

Time to sell: 2 days

Profit after fees: $14

Ankle booties

Item: Ugg suede ankle booties

This time of year ankle booties fly out of my closet, however lower end brands and cheaper quality boots are probably not worth your time. Lots of places like Target come out with great styles at great prices. The key is knowing what styles are selling and which brands people are after. Ugg is a great brand that lots of people are familiar with. Frye, Bed Stu, Free People, and Anthropologie booties are some of my favorites to sell.

Sold: $66

Paid: $0 – this particular pair came from my own closet

Time to sell: 2 weeks

Profit after fees: $52.80

Chambray Tops

Item: Frame Denim chambray button down.

Frame is a great high quality brand, they’re mostly known for their denim, however they make all sorts of stuff too. They retail for a lot and their resale value tends to be pretty high. Good quality chambray pieces are a great staple and lots of people are often searching for them. Chambray tops with unique features tend to sell fast for me, this particular one had a slight peplum hem.

Sold: $50

Paid: $8

Time to sell: 4 days

Profit after fees: $32

Plaid Flannels

Item: Rails plaid flannel.

Plaid flannels are a classic fall piece, but market saturation can set in around this time of year. People are always in search of these, but knowing which ones will make you money is key. Rails is a great high quality brand often sold at Nordstorm and Anthropologie. They retail for $100+ and they tend to hold their value.

Sold: $50

Paid: $6

Time to sell: 2 days

Profit after fees: $34


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