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With the busy lives we all live and the infectious hustle-mentality spread throughout the internet, we’re all looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency in everything that we do so that we can do it all. Or at least do all that we want to do without losing our minds. Heres how you can increase productivity with batch working.

Batch working can be applied to any aspect of your life, whether it be a business you run, your job, school, housework, literally anything.

What is batch working? I like to describe it as grouping similar tasks, or the same tasks that need to be done more than once, all into one category and completing them at once. What do i mean by this? Well, instead of completing five different tasks each day, five days a week you complete all five of the same tasks in one block of time, and then don’t have to worry about it again that week. While there are some things that you don’t want to batch (like cleaning, you should always clean as you go), most things can be batched.

Batching all of your similar or same tasks into one block of time helps you stay focused. If i know that for the next 5 hours i’m going to be doing (insert task here), then i can stay focused on that task, work through everything i need to work through, and be done with it. Switching between tasks can be time consuming, and can be hard for your brain to keep up with. Designating a chunk of time to only focusing on one thing and doing that thing well, will save you time and ensure that your work is your best work.

Batch-Working for Entrepreneurs

For example, i’m a full time clothing reseller, so i like to batch my photographing and putting away of inventory. On Saturday i will photograph EVERYTHING within a chunk of time, and then Sunday i will put everything away within a few hour chunk of time. Usually i can take 3-4 hours on Saturday, and 2-3 hours on Sunday to knock it all out for the whole week. So 7 hours over the weekend and i’m set for the week. If i were to photograph and put away 20 items a day, it would take me 2-3 hours, thats roughly 21 hours out of the week, vs. 7 if i batch my tasks.

If you’re a blogger, sitting down and writing a bunch of posts when you have the writing spark is way more beneficial than trying to force yourself to write once a day or 3 times a week, etc.

If you run any sort of business, sitting done and doing your book keeping at the end of each week, and designating a set time to do so allows you to keep your mind free of clutter and numbers, because you know it will get taken care of when that time comes.

Batch Working for Students

I also like to apply this to studying or school work. While i know many people say you should study in small bursts, i like to do a-lot at once and then small revision sessions throughout the week. If i have 5 chapters for that weeks lecture, i like to sit down and get through all 5 at once. While i do take small breaks every hours or so, getting in the zone and staying in the zone and “busting out” my work, i can get it done in about 6 hours, vs. doing 1 chapter a day for 5 days, taking about 2 hours each time. 6 hours vs. 10 hours.


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